JAX2010 – Day Two

The second day opened with the keynote from Oracle talking about Java’s future at Oracle. Enhancing Glassfish Application Server as a reference implementation and combining the best from Sun’s HotSpot VM with WebLogic JRockit VM sounds awesome. When I think about RT and Garbage Collection features of JRockit combined with the HotSpot code replacement features of the HotSpot VM.

After having a good day start I went over to the architecture of AJAX applications session where the main focus was on performance issues with web application and how to solve them with a good architecture and design. From my understanding it mainly comes down to move more of the view and controling logic to the browser and separate presentation from data. For the view and data typical optimizations for cache and content reduction should be applied. Which ranges from stripping spaces from files where possible to using lightweight protocols like JSONP for data access and browser-server communication.

The third session talked about Oracle’s Toplink (which is also called EclipseLink) and the Coherence integration with regards to performance. Most interesting is the possibility to execute queries agains the shared cache and not touching the database at all. Which reduces a lot of load from database and network for high performance applications. It might also work quite well for highly transactional applications.

The second keynote disappointed me because most of the time a video from youtube was shown. I expected more examples and best practices. Also the session afterwards only showed a small amount I expected from the topic.

Beside this the last session was interesting again. Talking about common class loader issues in web applications it showed some interesting failures which occur when not understanding class loading and Hot Code-Replacement in Eclipse or shared libraries in application servers. The last presentation about the memory leak when using ClassLoaders and constants is a nice eye catcher. I would like to have seen some problems in an OSGI platform.

Beside all the sessions and keynotes I also meat some old and new collegues and enjoyed the great day!


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