Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

After attending a two-day workshop with Boris Gloger and some questions I managed to become a Certified Scrum Master.

What’s so interesting about Scrum is the management by sticking to some simple rules and focus on business value. The main point I got out of the workshop is the importance of priorization and separation of business function and technical realisation. With this approach the team is in fully response to find the best solution for the functionality in a given amount of time. This way no one builds nice looking architectures in the ivory tower. The team develops the architecture as part of the first story. Because of priorization this architecture is based on the story which provides the biggest business benefit.

Also the estimation based on  a freely choosen reference story is a nice way. Doing it this way there is no effort estimation but only functionality estimation.  So keep out the hours! The team estimates the functionality and afterwards decide how much it can handle in one Sprint (which might last 2 weeks or 1 month). After this first initial Sprint is finished there is a measurement how much functionality a team can handle. While doing more and more Sprints the average story points a team can handle in a a Sprint is measured and not estimated. The word measurement sounds much better than estimation because it provides a picture that it is based on a real value and no guess. Which it somehow also is. So from a management point it look s much more feasable.

The role of  a Scrum Master as a person who ensures that the small amount of principles are followed and everyone fulfills his duties makes it a challenging opportunity. I hope I can work in this role in some future.


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