Java 6 Splash-Screen

Working on Java Swing is sometimes not the easiest! Today I came across a problem with the Java6 Splash-Screen feature where you can define the splash screen in the manifest file. I wanted to see when the splash screen gets shown and when it gets disposed. The screen really gets shown when the JVM starts, so its good to use it for showing feedback while initialization. And the screen gets disposed as soon as the first window, may it be a frame or dialog, gets shown.

But nothing comes for free, a problem occured as I added class-path entries to the manifest.  The splash screen was not shown! So I played around with a dozen of combinations in the manifest file. The outcome is that if the Splashscreen-Image entry is after the Class-Path entry no splash screen will be shown! So always keep you entry for the splash screen at the top of the manifest file.


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