Building up the framework

After the application displays an application frame and shuts down when the user closes the frame it is time to define the frameworks which are part of the application platform.

The application platform provides the JGoodies Forms, Binding and Validation libraries as part of the framework. Beside the core JGoodies libraries the application platform also provides extension like the SingleListSelectionUpdater described in an earlier post. It is an replacement of JGoodies Binding’s SingleListSelectionAdapter and can handle sorting and filtering in a table.

Also the application platform defines a framework for a form where the user views and edits domain objects. Common forms would be an editor form with input fields for attributes of the domain object or forms with lists which display a set of domain objects. From a design point these forms work on presentation models or list models. Forms are suposed to have no control logic except the propagation of text from input fields to domain objects. The control logic will be provided by another framework around different forms.

The control logic is provided by a page framework which provides the control logic executing operations on user requests through clicking a button, pressing an accelerator or hitting a keyboard shortcut.


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