Oracle TopLink goes Open Source

While searching for information on JPA I stumbled over the EclipseLink project. Which is the reference implementation for the upcoming JPA 2.0 specification. This seems quite interesting how Oracle distributes its classes. Because it is mainly the code base of Oracle TopLink. First it was part of the Oracle Application Server, then Oracle open sourced a small part of it called TopLink Essentials and it became a reference implementation for JPA 1.0. At this time I started to recognize TopLink as a valuable product. First it is much smaller than Hibernate and second it is the reference implementation. And now after reading that Oracle open sourced the complete TopLink product it will be a much more valuable product I’m gonna use 🙂 . Also the integration with the search library Compass makes it an even player to the combination of Hibernate and Hibernate Search.

When people at Eclipse also get the distribution of TopLink with Maven and people at TopLink the database integration (especially the sequence generator for PostgreSQL) done right. I’m going to advocate more and more the usage of TopLink.


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